Please, click on the title of each workshop in order to download the report of conclusions:

Samedi matin:

  • Energetic transition to face green capitalism’s propositions (abandon of the nuclear and the fossil energies, towards an energetic autonomy, against wasting, obsolescence etc.).
  • Agriculture and food, biodiversity: which are the alternatives?
  • Buen Vivir, culture and well being.

Samedi soir:

  • The territorial development (water, urban-rural relations, well living of the city, social housing, transport and mobility).
  • What to product? How?(working conditions and sectors to eliminate, to transform, to develop).
  • The role of syndicates in an ecosocialist perspective.

Dimanche soir:

  • Ecological planning, democratic control and self-organization.
  • Alternatives, struggles and concrete experiences as a field for social and ecological transformation.
  • Ecological dept, struggles of the South.