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The current environmental crisis, demonstrated most disturbingly by the phenomenon of climate change, is an unprecedented threat to humanity and the natural environment. At the root of this catastrophe is a civilisation – Western capitalism – that is based on the unlimited accumulation of profit, consumerism, commodity fetishism and a logic of expansion without limits. This system has proved itself to be incompatible with protecting the environment.

We believe that the responses proposed from within the capitalist system (green capitalism, sustainable development, carbon markets, nuclear power, etc,..) are unacceptable. They are not sufficient to respond to the social and ecological emergencies that we are facing.

Ecosocialism is a new attempt to articulate the fundamental ideals of socialism incorporating ecological critiques. Our aim is a new civilisation, an alternative way of life founded on new social and ethical values. Ecosocialism is not compatible with capitalism – our ecosocialism is anti-capitalist and feminist.

To cooperate in the development of this alternative vision, the Ecosocialist group of solidaritéS (Switzerland) would like to propose you to take part in an

European Ecosocialist Meeting, Geneva, january 24-26, 2014

We will participate, and we would like to call for the participation of all interested organisations, movements, collectives and individuals. The objectives of the meeting will be to share experiences, elaborate and deepen our conception of ecosocialism, establish a common programme and develop joint campaigns.

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